miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

La negra corona

Another world in our world

Incredible photographs by Alexander Semenov at White Sea Biological Station.


Jessica Smalley

Y breve salto al vacío...

martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Atracción mutua

martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

Piedra viva

Voy contigo

viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011



Like an alien bad robot

Espresso Machine Etienne Louis, designed by Carlo Borer in 1993.

Written Portraits

Each year CPNB (Collective Promotion Dutch Literature) Organised the Dutch Book Week to Promote Dutch literature. And every year a specific genre is being profiled. And Every year a specific genre is Being profiled. This year the (auto) biography is featured. This is translated in the theme 'Geschreven Portretten', which translates in Written Portraits'. " Van Wanten Etcetera created the campaign, which show the different faces behind the (auto) biographies. Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh, Louis van Gaal and Kader Abdollah (writer of the biographic Book Week give away).
Souverein made the artwork and did an amazing job creating realistic images.
Even original book pages were used for the text inside the portraits to get right structure for each portrait.

Ser olvidado

miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

"Estás sobre mi viejo amigo"

La vida es demasiado corta para el tener el trabajo equivocado

Jobsintown campaign: Life is too short for the wrong job:
he company's four-year print ad campaign, designed by scholz & friends berlin, feature human workers powering everyday machines: like a hardworking woman lives within every laundromat machine, scrubbing at your clothes, or an elvis impersonator spends his workday in each jukebox you encounter.

viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

De profundis

of the Ordynskaya Cave in Russia,
the second largest underwater cave in the world.

Casas de muñecas