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"How do you describe faith?? I guess I will let her speak for herself. She is part of a series called fairy tales.Since they are all hand made they of course vary a bit. The dimensions are 4.5" x 7" 2.5".Each pieces is made to order which takes about a week .All my pieces are carefully packed using clean recycled packing materials.

Just a bit on my process. The wings, head and base are all cut from basswood planks with a band saw. I shape the head with a belt sander and carve the details both by hand and a rotary tool. The wings are shaped with a rotary tool and are attached with a dowel that is drilled through the head and the wing and glued. The head is held on to the base with a dowel and glue. She is then painted with multiple layers of acrylic paint. The details are drawn with pencil and fixed with a matte fixative. The hook on the back is handmade of wire and tiny eye hooks so she can sit or hang."

"My pieces are fairy tales for the modern world. Like most folktales their story isn’t always revealed on first glance. They are (hopefully) engaging enough to catch your eye again and again. Part of their charm is the tension between sweet and not so sweet. I use element of cartoons, animation stills, dreams, and other references to weave my stories. To root the pieces in the world I use a fairly classical visual esthetic.

sleep is mysterious.

Like all things handmade there are slight variations from piece to piece."



Money box you will not want to break.

Think of the future.Porcelain money box with hand cut ornament.


I Am Stretched on Your Grave

Eric Casper en Deviantart

"I am stretched on your grave and will lie there forever,
If your hands were in mine, I'd be sure they'd not sever,
My appletree, my brightness 'tis time we were together,
For I smell of the earth and am worn by the weather.

When my family thinks that I'm safe in my bed,
From night until morning I am stretched at your head.
Calling out to the air with tears hot and wild,
My grief for the girl that I loved as a child.

Do you remember the night we were lost
In the shade of the blackthorn and the chill of the frost.
Thanks be to Jesus we did what was right
And your maidenhead still is your Pillar of Light.

The priests and the friars approach me in dread,
Because I still love you, my love, and your dead.
And still would be your shelter through rain and through storm
For with you in the cold ground I cannot sleep warm.

I am stretched on your grave and will lie there forever,
If your hands were in mine, I'd be sure they'd not sever,
My appletree, my brightness 'tis time we were together,
For I smell of the earth and am worn by the weather."

Is a translation of an anonymous 17th-century Irish poem titled "Táim sínte ar do thuama".
Please play in youtube the Abney Park version of this song, is the better version than I never listened.


Beautiful original pen & ink drawings by yellena.

In her page in Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/yellena she said about herself:

"I'm an artist/illustrator residing in beautiful Portland, OR.
My work has been described as "colorful arrangements of organic shapes and tangled lines (which) are at once floral and alien, organic and sci-fi, crafty and fantastic." Within each piece I try to create an intimate world that posesses its own ethos and its own emotional range.
Besides showing my artwork in galleries around the globe, I have done illustration work for Anthropologie, K2 Snowboards, Nike and many others.
My little creations have also appeared in Vogue Australia, Giant Robot, Domino Online, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy and many other art and design resources and publications."

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Group Exhibition
As part of the project, third-year students in the Industrial Design Department at Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T), were asked to address their persona and self-perception. Each student was to design a character that embodies him/her, following a process of both self-examination and exposure to the group. Any concept or idea was acceptable, as long as it had a personal, direct connection to the designer's own identity.
During the production process, each of the students prepared a 3D file of his/her character, which was then printed using OBJET's innovative printing technology.


She seems like a sweet and harmless little girl with an angelic smile and a cute little rabbit in her hand. But the shadows conceal Angie's trough nature, behind that innocent smile lays a dark shadow.
Every Angie doll has a different shadow that tells a distinctive story about her inner demons, about her dark and devilish side, a side that no one will expect to find in a sweet little girl.

Designer: Keshet Levy-Tavor

Control Freak Puppet
If you want something done right you have to do it yourself, which is why controlling everything is so needed.
My puppet is always wired, always on top of things, always in control.

Designer: Inbal Amidan

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Bad art for worse people

Alphabet Monsters

Zombie day parade

Denny the butcher

Bob & Charles

Bob & Charles

Alexis Ayala
Words & People

Photo Manipulations

Nozzman is an cartoonist and illustrator based in Rotterdam, who creates wonderfully surreal and enigmatic photo manipulations and other character-based illustrations.
He uses a wide variety of media to create his work, both pencil and paint and digital mediums for design and web.


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¿Acaso no son todos los niños hadas metamorfoseándose?

One of the coolest shows of the year. PaperPushers @ G1988 San Francisco. Lots of affordable works on paper from some great up and coming artists.

These are from:
May Ann Licudine


Lawrence Yang“Judgement”
One of the coolest shows of the year. PaperPushers @ G1988 San Francisco. Lots of affordable works on paper from some great up and coming artists.


Lord of the deep

One of the coolest shows of the year: PaperPushers @ G1988 San Francisco. Lots of affordable works on paper from some great up and coming artists.
These are from:
Keith Noordzy
“Man-made Disaster: Study CLASSIFIED”


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Variations about Simpsons characters

David Barton´s the Simpsons characters:
These new illustrations probably don't need captions as we think most of the original art pieces are in everyone's visual vocabulary. But here they are:

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon has been placed into Philippe Halsman's Tilted Head (Portrait of Salvador Dalí).

Marge Simpson poses for Jan Vermeer and is placed into Girl with a Pearl Earring. (maybe we are wrong with the identification of the original painting. Where is Marge's pearl earring?)

Homer Simpson is seen in a Rembrandt Self-Portrait.

Groundskeeper Willie fits perfectly into a Self-Portrait by Vincent van Gogh.


Furry Puppet adeventure in Park

Creative progress that led to the birth of this blue girl. Blogged live by the Brooklyn based Furry Puppet Studio.


World Aids Day Safe Sex Campaign

Gary Baseman and Tatiana Arocha for JWT’s GAPA/BS World Aids Day Safe Sex Campaign
In order to raise awareness on the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, the World Health Organization established World Aids Day in 1988. Observed on December 1st, it is a chance for organizations and individuals to “demonstrate international solidarity in the face of the pandemic.” According to 2008 data from the United Nations, approximately 33 million people around the world are living with HIV.

In Latin America, JWT worked with GAPA/BS (Grupo de Apoio à Prevenção à AIDS da Baixada Santista) on a campaign with the message “Be pure. Safe sex is never wrong.” GAPA/BS is a philanthropic foundation that hopes the campaign will change the perception of purity – that to remain pure, all it takes is protection. Several artists including Gary Baseman (work pictured above) and Tatiana Arocha volunteered their talent for the project, creating art for T-shirts, print media, and animation.


Devilish tea brand

Designed by the nightmare Matthew Alexander Manos

“Black Tea” is a fictitious tea brand for the anarchistic demographic. I created a packaging and brand identity system that takes tea out of its natural and expected setting (floral, feminine, prissy, sophisticated), and presents it with the design methods used within the Punk/Anarchist ideologies. All of the packaging is made from materials that (with repeated use) will deteriorate over time. The logo and printing on the packaging was hand carved from a linoleum block and stamped to create a consistently spontaneous presentation. This project is examining the fact that, with a powerful brand identity, a product can be completely removed from its original context and naturally placed into one it has never existed in before.

This fabulous project comes packed neat with a lovely “zine” style look-book and research guide. All hand made and pretty for your elegant taste and refined style.

The brand book for “Black Tea” is designed in the style of a punk zine. The brand book consists all of my research, design elements, educational information on tea, among other things. The book was hand sewn (32 pages) and the cover is stamped with a hand-carved linoleum block.


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Fun kitchen & more

Really goods ideas for making our daily duties more fun